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Photo: Kathleen Daly, recipient of the annual OMA member recognition award, and her mother, at the 2019 Annual Conference.

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    • 17 Apr 2024
    • 9:30 AM - 12:30 PM
    • Masonic Hall in Forest Grove

    This workshop is presented on behalf of Oregon Museums Association as part of the 2024 Oregon Heritage Conference.

    Whether our organization is large or small, most of us know what it means to create programing and exhibits on a shoestring budget. Ever wonder how you can update or create new exhibits for hundreds,
    not thousands of dollars?

    Attend this workshop and learn how to create modern, exciting exhibits with a tight budget in mind. Presenters will share tips and tricks on creating free-standing walls, utilizing touchscreens, and finding
    resources in unexpected places. You’ll also hear stories and examples of how a little creative thinking can expand your programming.

    You will walk away from this workshop knowing how to build a few items (even if you don’t consider yourself to be “handy”), where to go for affordable display cases and tools, and with a newfound confidence that you can update your space, one exhibit at a time. None of the items discussed will require you to have a grant to implement some, if not all, of these ideas.

    Presenters: Natascha Adams, Director of the Independence Heritage Museum, OMA Board Member, and Co-Founder of the Willamette Valley Museum Alliance

    Jessica Hougen, Executive Director of the Benton County Historical Society and Co-Founder of the Willamette Valley Museum Alliance

    About the 2024 Oregon Heritage Conference: Make Space | April 17-20 | Forest Grove

    The conference is a time for people who share a common passion for Oregon’s heritage and history to come together to share insights, understand connections, develop relationships, learn new ways,
    reinforce the value of the work and leave energized to keep moving forward.

    With all of the demands on people including information overload, home life, work tasks and all the things…the conference will be a place to Make Space. The way to move Oregon heritage work forward is
    to Make Space: clear the clutter, set priorities, build relationships, and plan for the time it takes.

Past events

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25 Apr 2023 OMA webinar: You are not alone! Working with consultants to support your museum
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19 Jan 2023 Overcoming the barriers to museum fundraising success
09 Jan 2023 OMA Listening Session
19 Sep 2022 Educators Meet Up
28 Aug 2022 August Meet Up - in person!
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23 May 2022 May webinar: Creating a virtual tour for your museum
30 Mar 2022 OMA March meet up: Supporting volunteers
24 Feb 2022 February advocacy meet up
27 Jan 2022 Exactly how to fund and select your next collections management system (CMS)
14 Oct 2021 Collections management meet up
15 Sep 2021 OMA-WaMA Joint Virtual Conference 2021
23 Jul 2021 July Meet Up: Reopening
23 Jun 2021 Sins of omission: Addressing the legacy of the Oregon Historical Society as a pioneer memorial association
17 May 2021 Tours at the ZMA (Zoom Museum of Art)
28 Apr 2021 Will the last person leaving please turn off the lights? How to properly disband a museum and liquidate its assets
25 Mar 2021 OMA March Meet Up: Checking Volunteer Vitals
23 Feb 2021 Listening to help integrate values-based equity: Guest curator Stephanie Littlebird in conversation with Five Oaks Museum
21 Jan 2021 OMA Lunchtime Meet Up
10 Nov 2020 Workshop - Moving forward with NAGPRA
21 Oct 2020 OMA Happy Hour Meet Up
08 Oct 2020 WMA 2020 Annual Meeting co-hosted by OMA
15 Sep 2020 Webinar - Talking with your museum community: COVID-19-friendly adaptations and considerations
25 Aug 2020 Webinar - Interpretive planning for a pandemic
23 Jul 2020 OMA Summer Soirée Virtual Meet Up
08 Jun 2020 Museum reopening webinar
22 Apr 2020 2020 Spring Workshop at Oregon Heritage Conference
07 Nov 2019 PDX Museums Meet Up - Oregon Historical Society
29 Oct 2019 Museuems of the Gorge Meet Up
26 Sep 2019 PDX Museum Meet Up - World of Speed
15 Sep 2019 Meet up and no-host dinner in John Day
15 Sep 2019 2019 Annual Conference - Finding Common Ground
13 Jun 2019 PDX Museum Meet Up
13 May 2019 2019 Spring Workshop: Danger! Handling Hazardous Artifacts
23 Apr 2019 Meet Up after Arts & Culture Advocacy Day
15 Apr 2019 Meet up with SWOMA - Flotsam & Jetsam - Determining the importance of shipwrecks and their debris on Oregon's beaches
09 Sep 2018 2018 Annual Conference
21 May 2018 Spring Workshop: Albums of Ephemera with Elizabeth Chambers
10 Sep 2017 2017 OMA Pre-Conference Exhibit Workshop
18 Apr 2016 Spring Workshop: Basics of Archives
11 Oct 2015 OMA Annual Meeting
09 Mar 2015 Interpretation and Collections Care at Chachalu Tribal Museum and Cultural Center: A Tribal Perspective on Collaborating with the Confederated Tribes of Grand Ronde
26 Oct 2014 OMA Annual Meeting
06 Apr 2014 OMA Annual Meeting

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