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2023 annual conference - call for proposals

CALL for Proposals

OMA 2023 Annual Conference logo

2023 Annual Conference - Bending the Rules

September 10-12, 2023 | Bend, Oregon

The Oregon Museums Association seeks proposals for sessions and activities for our 2023 Annual Conference to be held in Bend this September! All session ideas will be considered and all are encouraged to apply.

Conference theme: Bending the Rules

The world has felt topsy-turvy for a while now, but in the museum field we are used to imagining beyond the expected. We embrace utilizing our resources, working with partners, and coming up with creative ways to overcome hurdles. Join OMA in Bend in September to explore ideas, programs and practices that bend the rules.


Thursday, June 15, 2023

What we’re looking for
  • Projects, partnerships, programs and ideas from across the state
  • Sessions representing the diversity of museum work across all disciplines/specialties and museum sizes. Energized presenters from a variety of backgrounds, including partners from outside the museum field
  • Presentations that include interactive components (like facilitated conversations, activities or other ways of involving participants)
  • Sessions and activities that address the theme “Bending the Rules”
  • A variety of session topics, including but not limited to: community engagement, DEAI (diversity, equity, accessibility and inclusion), collaboration, exhibit development, interpretation, collections stewardship, digitization, capital projects, fundraising, museum management and leadership, cultural tourism, facilities and safety, and technology.
  • Program: Sessions - Monday & Tuesday (75 minutes); Workshops, tours or other pre-conference activities - Sunday (depending on the activity, from 2 to 7 hours)
  • Session types:
  • Single Presenter - One person presenting
  • Panel - Multiple people presenting
  • Roundtable - Group or groups of people engage in discussion
  • Participatory - Session attendees play active role in the session as participants in individual or group activities
  • Workshop - Half day or full day workshop on a particular topic with facilitated learning and engagement by presenter(s)
  • Tour - In-person tour of museum, historical site, cultural site or other local place of significance
  • Other - Creative, innovative or other ideas for session formats are welcome 
How to submit a proposal

To submit a proposal, fill out and submit the online Proposal Form by end of day Thursday, June 15. The proposal form includes:

  • Moderator or session lead name, affiliation and contact information
  • Have you presented at a conference before?
  • Presenter names and affiliations
  • Session title
  • Session type (single presenter, panel, roundtable, participatory, workshop, tour or other)
  • Description of session. What will the session be about? How will it be structured? How will you encourage audience participation?

  • How is the session related to the conference theme “Bending the Rules?”

  • Learning outcomes. What will the session accomplish? How will participants benefit?

  • Select the geographic regions that are represented by the moderator and/or presenters.

  • A/V needs. What technology is required for the session?

Questions or need technical assistance? Have an idea and want some feedback? Email We are here to support you in writing a strong proposal and submitting it successfully.

Mailing Address: P.O. Box 8604, Portland, OR 97207
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